1 DASH = --- USD

Tools for Paper Wallet Giveaways

DashDrop was developed by DashHive as a tool to help community members initiate, track, and reclaim paper wallets at giveaways, conferences, and merchant gift card events. Proposal #dash-hive

Disburse Funds

Choose a Funding Source and destination addreses. Generate and print secure wallets or import CSV from paper.dash.org

printer icon Generate Paper Wallets
csv icon Import Paper CSV

Review Giveaway

See the impact your giveaway has had. Reclaim unused wallets for another round.

new dash users icon Measure Outreach
reclaim wallet icon Recycle Unused Wallets

Insight API URL:

Want to run a private instance of this app? Install dashd, the Dash Insight API, and host DashDrop.

Copyright 2018. Created by Dash Hive with the help of @coolaj86, @2112, and @thejshaver. Funded with, for, and by Dash.